5 reasons to upgrade your telephones to a VOIP system

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone things have not changed much until recently. The old noisy analogue phone system has had a quiet revolution and it is called VOIP (voice over IP).
Yes, that is the same network that your computers communicate over. It is all digital and has all the features of the traditional standard analogue system but here are five features that will mean if you try it there will be no turning back.

1. Cost Saving
The most attractive and immediate feature of going VOIP. On average your telephone usage charges will drop between 30-50%. Simple maths that give a genuine saving.

2. Phone Portability
This is a real benefit for remote and home workers. Wherever you are working you have the same presence as office based staff. You can use either a standard VOIP handset or a softphone installed on your home PC or laptop or a combination of both.

You appear to be dialling outgoing calls from your office while incoming calls route direct to where you are working. Just remember to keep the dog and children quite or the illusion is ruined!

3. Sound Quality
The calls are all digital and benefit from that technology (remember when CDs came out). All the noise of the analogue system is removed. Unfortunately we cannot do anything if your callers are calling from the Outer Hebrides on an ancient exchange…but at least you can relax that it is not your fault.

4. Voice, voicemail and fax all digitised
Gone are the days of the flimsy fax sheets. All faxes are now converted to PDF attachments and mailed direct to you. Voicemails are stored on the phone but also emailed direct as a WAV file so even when you are out of the office you can still check your voicemail.

5. Integration with your computer
No more dialling numbers. You can now dial direct from your contacts on your PC or a telephone number listed on a website. And when someone calls you it will be visible on your screen who it is.

If you would like to discuss the benefits further then call on 0118 989 9100.

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