Who are CPLUS?

With a history going back over 2 decades, we are talking a massive amount of experience to any business relationship. Based in Wokingham, Berkshire, CPLUS support our customers throughout London, the Home Counties and the Thames Valley bringing the sense of a dedicated internal Service Desk to each of our clients.
Excellent service is founded on consistency This is the fundamental formula for our success. Our average staff term of employment is in excess of 10 years. Within the IT industry this is most unusual but reflects hugely on the way we do business.
Forget Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Customers vote with their feet. After all, there are plenty of IT support companies out there. Simple fact - over half of our clients have been with us for over 15 years. Ask why here.
Below are the five questions we constantly ask ourselves. Read them and you will get a good idea what we are about.

what is our mission?

To enable our customers to get the benefits of technology while limiting the overheads
To allow our customers to concentrate on their business with confidence that their IT will support them.

who is our customer?

Our customers are businesses and organisations that utilise technology but do not want the internal costs and complications of administering systems.

Our customers –
  • Don't want permanent staff overheads.
  • Need immediate support response.
  • Need Director level advice and reflection.
  • May require 'Ramp Up' ability for individual projects.

what does our customer value?

Our customers value –
  • The security that we will resolve problems when they happen.
  • Our advice on future growth.
  • The fact that we are a long term partner.
  • A single point of contact for support/product supply/installation/advice.
  • Not having to manage internal staff costs/holiday cover/sick leave/employment issues.

what are our results?

The results of our work are self-evident. We have a very high level of Customer Satisfaction and an outstanding Customer Commitment. Over half of our customers have been working with us for over a decade.

what is our plan?

A mixture of growth and stability. Our longevity is based on our stability but we believe that we have a lot to offer and can help many new customers getting to grips with their IT requirements. Our aim is to grow with a consistency of service whilst welcoming new customers. Customers where we can really make a difference. “Our business is not to casually please everyone, but to deeply please our target customers.”