IT Support is the core of our business and most of our other service offerings flow through a support arrangement. With over 25 years experience in the industry, we understand that no two customer’s requirements are the same, so we build bespoke support arrangements to our customer’s needs, offering expert support and flexibility to meet requirements in a dynamic work environment, improving productivity and employee confidence. More information


Our Cloud Backup services offer highly flexible levels of data security and resilient disaster recovery plans. We utilise partnerships with a variety of third-party datacentres for hosting the backups, all ISO27001 certified, choosing the best supplier for any particular customer requirement. We then manage the daily administration of the services and resolve any issues to ensure that our customer’s data is always secure and available.



Helpdesk Services are where the majority of our customer journeys begin. As the first point of call for our customers, it is reassuring to have a regular expert point of contact who can calmly review the situation and build a plan to resolve any issue. Sometimes, issues may need escalating, and specialist experts may need to be involved with the resolution, all centrally managed by our Helpdesk personnel who will be keeping the customer updated at every stage to completion.


SpamNot is our managed anti-spam and email protection service. SpamNot blocks phishing, spam, malware, viruses, ransomware, and other email threats and provides advanced yet easy to use email security for your business. Our managed solutions are based on a combination of third party products to give an advanced and highly effective Spam blocker with market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate.


IT Security from CPLUS utilises a set of cybersecurity strategies that prevents unauthorised access to organisational assets such as computers, networks, and data. As hackers get smarter, the need to protect your digital assets and network devices is even greater. A significant breach could cost an organisation in expense, time and reputation. Large breaches can jeopardise the health of a small business. With can assist you in minimising any risk. 


Product Supply through us can simplify and streamline IT procurement complexity. We offer a one-stop shop to take you from recomendations, selection, procurement, and supply through to installation and ongoing support. We have partnerships with most of the main UK distributors and can offer both expert advice and cost effective supply of most IT hardware and software. We will simplify and help you with all your technology requirements.


Our Installation Services engineers specialise in IT installations, from desktop computers, laptops, servers, complete networking solutions, and telecommunication services, we can provide you with the solutions you require. Our expert team provide professional advice and support throughout the product selection process, from the initial designs through to managing the installation and post installation support.


Technical Consultancy services provide our customers with business and technology-based consultative services that support them to improve their business strategy and efficiency for their employees and customers. We work with you to understand your business needs, and then scope our deliverables to you to provide an unbiased and independent recommendation on your current technology and future suggestions for improvement.


Microsoft 365 Setup & Administration. There are huge benefits in migrating to Microsoft 365 but the process requires a significant amount of planning and scheduling. We are experts in this process and on-hand to support you with the process or completely run the project on your behalf. From domain name configuration, though User ID setup, to email and data migration, we offer a full 365 migration service to open the benefits of Microsoft 365.


Internet Services cover many aspects of internet based solutions including connectivity, web development and hosting, cloud based services and software development. Access to the internet is now more important than ever. The requirement of sufficient reliable bandwidth is critical to most business operations. Working with a selection of telecoms partners, we can ensure that your internet services meet your business requirements on both performance and cost. 


Cabling is one of the oldest technologies that we work with but this method of linking computer systems and equipment together remains the most reliable and offers the best performance across any network. Whether Cat5e/6 copper or fibre technologies, we can design, install and commission any size of network to ensure a reliable level of performance on your network. We can also integrate secure wireless networks to support mobile devices such as phones and tablets.


VOIP Telephony is the latest evolution of the telephone PABX utilising IP traffic in the same way as data is transmitted. This gives us huge flexibility in how we manage business voice communications while saving on both deployment and running costs, enabling your staff to work productively from anywhere using PC or mobile based software. We have partnered with 3CX and their award winning software to deliver our telephony services via their easy to use platform.

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